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11 mars 2013

News of Little Italy

The Daily News says that Little Italy is over. A lot of the famous old restaurants are about to close. The rents are going through the roof. Say goodbye to Umbertos Clam House. It will soon be a few blocks of boutique shops, condos and little hotels. On Grand street is 2 old cheese shops, Dipalos and Alleva. I hope they don't close too. They've been there forever. Once in a while, I head over there for a sandwich. When you stand in Dipalos, there are 30 huge prosciuttos hanging on the walls. Giant wheels of cheese are stacked up everywhere. The smell is overwhelming. My mouth is drooling just thinking about the place. The joint may not survive because, Lord knows, we need another Chase Bank or sneaker store in it's place.Alleva_LO_zps4c1b2ec3.jpg

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